Bayelsans Celebrate Isaac Boro Day

Isaac Boro’s Legacies Live on 52 years after his death

He was legendary and iconic with shared determination in his quest to liberate the Ijaw people from the perceived marginalisation from the government at the centre.

At a relatively young age, he achieved great milestone writing his name in gold in defence of his people; a foremost freedom fighter who led the 12-day revolution to seek a better deal for his people.

Late Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, regarded as an Ijaw hero by his kinsmen, is remembered for his vision and spirit of emancipation.

He reportedly died while fighting on the side of the Federal Government during the civil war on May 9, 1968.It is 52 years already after the loss of the man who set the stage for a new consciousness of development in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

Many still wonder where Boro and his colleagues like Captain Samuel Owonaru and Nothingham Dick got their inspiration to initiate Niger Delta Volunteer Service, by picking up the gun and declaration of secession in the name of “the Niger Delta Peoples Republic”.

He had reportedly told his father why he would not back down on the revolution: “The Ijaws were going into perpetual bondage; if we did not strike now, not only our families but also the entire Ijaws would be infernally chained.” The next day, he made a prophetic address to the rebels before they struck: “Today is a great day, not only in your lives, but also in the history of the Niger Delta. Perhaps, it will be the greatest day for a very long time. This is not because we are going to bring the heavens down, but because we are going to demonstrate to the world what and how we feel about oppression. Before today, we were branded robbers, bandits, terrorists or gangsters, but after today, we shall be heroes of our land”.

Every year on May 16, the anniversary of his death is commemorated annually in Kaiama, traditional headquarter of Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area in present day Bayelsa State.

Boro, no doubt lived a selfless life and died in the pursuit of emancipation of the oppressed Niger Delta region.

And that is why he is being celebrated annually and today will not be an exception as prominent Ijaws will gather this morning at the Ijaw Heroes Park, where the remains of late Major Isaac Adaka Boro, the symbol of Niger Delta struggle for self-determination were buried.

The sacrifices and contributions of Isaac Boro who, though dead and gone, remained alive and ever present in the lives and minds of Ijaw people.

Incumbent Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri, who hails from the same Local Government Area with late Boro, has always identified with the celebration and that Boro's ideals have continued to inspire the younger generation to sustain the agitation for better deals.

Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, indeed lives on as he eternally remains the champion of Ijaw struggles and development.

The Government of Consolidation for Prosperity wishes all Ijaws home and broad a happy Boro Day celebration.

New Media Team

Bayelsa Government

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