Here's what former President Obasanjo said about Godknows Boladei Igali, Bayelsa Central Senatorial

"However, I believed that I should seek out these bad boys and engage them. I appointed Dr. Godknows Igali as my Special adviser to undertake seeking the militants and liaising directly between them and me. Up till that time, I was using the line of the Governors. Igali's integrity is above board and his enthusiasm for the job was not in doubt. However, being from Bayelsa, officials of Rivers and Delta States did not open up easily to him. They saw him as an intruder of some sort. But since most, if not all, the militants were Ijaws, he knew his way around them. Igali had to go through many ordeals to locate and access them group by group and individually were necessary. At times, a group would take him temporarily as hostage to try to extort money from Obasanjo. He would tell them Obasanjo would not give money. They would abuse and insult him along with his Obasanjo, then let him go. We were making progress and getting to know the boys and their problems" - Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo in his book "My Watch Volume 2,

Political and Public Affairs"

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