Five easy ways to make money online with your smartphone

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There are various websites and apps that promise unsuspecting visitors of making money online from their sites, and most times, these sites usually turn out to be fake, with many people loosing out their hard earned money in the process, while others waste their time and data perorming various activities on these sites.

Many people have asked me to explain the various ways by which they can make money in online legitimately in this 2020 so I came up with a list of things one can do to earn online especially with a smartphone. I have also listed some platforms that have been paying out its users

5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

There is no quick way to riches as making money either online or offline requires some effort. There are some apps that pay its users for performing various activities and the methods of payment and amounts paid also differs. These reward will not be enough to buy you a house, car and other luxeries, but it sure can add some revenue in your wallet.

FreeBit Coin: Free bitcoin is a platform that handles the telling of bitcoin and they also gift free bitcoin to their members. You can earn free bitcoin by taking a roll every hour. As at today, the price of a Bitcoin is about 5million naira. So what are you waiting for. Register for free Bitcoin here.

Chati Money: Chati money also pays you for performing some tasks. For cash out options, you will need an OPay account number to withdraw. Amongst the listed way to make money here, this is the only app that doesn't pay with cryptocurrency. They usually have daily tasks for users to perform to earn money.

Free Bitcoin Cash: You can download this app from IOS and google play store. Free bitcoin gives you free BCH every hour for some activities you perform and also you can earn various amount of coin by performing various tasks. You can withdraw your revenue every Tuesday especially if you have accumulated about 0.00010000 BCH which is quite easy. You can download this app here

GramFree: This is a crptocurrency based on TON technology. Registering for GramFree is actually free just like all the above listed sites. You are expected to perform certain activities to earn grams. These activities are , taking a free roll, signing smart contact, watching short videos, referring friends to join and also playing lotteries. Once you accumulate 500grams, you are eligible to withdraw your grams which is equivalent to $1000. But making this 500 Grams will take you a couple of months. You can sign up for GramFree using your google or Facebook account. You can sign up for Gram free here

Make Money: This is also another app that pays you some cryptocurrencies for performing various activities such as playing games, downloading apps, watching short videos and completing surveys. For each activities you choose to engage in, there are specified coin values attached to them and you get credited once you complete the various tasks. Like most of the sites we listed here we need to have a certain crpto currency amount before you can withdraw your revenue. You can the download Make Money App Here.

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