Bayelsa New Media Launches Online Essay Competition

The office of the Co-ordinator, Bayelsa Governor’s New Media, has introduced an educative online engagement with youths of the state, “One Day Task”.

The regular engagement will move from sector to sector to promote talents. We shall commence in a gradual form and take feedbacks to enable us have more robust engagements in the future.

Today, we launch a “pilot” edition with an online essay writing competition. The engagement is basically for undergraduates from Bayelsa State who have been at home for weeks following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The students must be in tertiary institutions in any state across Nigeria (Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities).

Student’s identity cards remain the valid means of identification of eventual winners.

The topic is, “My Dream Bayelsa” and you are to write in not more than 300 words.

This task must be completed within 24 hours- Friday May 8, 2020- Midnight today- Midnight Friday.

At the completion of the task, drop your essay in the comment section of the post on our “Bayelsa Government New Media” Facebook Page. You can also search via -@govdouyedirin


So, first, go and like the page so you can have access.

Entry closes by mid night Friday May 8th, 2020.

A team of assessors has been appointed to collate and assess the essays. The team will then pick the best three essays.

There shall be 3 winners but ONLY ONE CHAMPION!!!

NB: This pilot scheme is very mindful of the prize money to eventual winners. Please, do not be discouraged, we are working out a more rewarding and sustainable way to honour future winners. Let the engagements begin------------

Thank you and best wishes.

Kolawole Oredipe

Co-ordinator, Bayelsa Governor’s New Media

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