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Egbesu Brotherhood condemns cult killings in Bayelsa, calls for peace.
The leadership in its strongest term condemns the recent resumption of cult killings in Yenagoa, which has claimed more than 10lives within a month, most recent is the death of a young man by name "Gabriel", who was murdered a forthnight ago at Opolo community.
The brotherhood wishes to remind our youths in Bayelsa of the promises we made to ourselves to maintain peace for development and other job opportunities to be brought into the land. We state that if the killings continue our much efforts for our youths to be gainfully employed will be thwarted.
Already, we have commenced a process to ensure at least three youths from each groups whom has identified with us, to be awarded an employment opportunity sooner.
Please we call for calm, we need every of our youth to be alive to witness the opportunities that awaits them.
Lastly, we once again remind our youths, that CULTISM will never pay and will only resort to more deaths and agonies, Egbesu is the hope of all Ijaw children, surrender yourself to this Duvine deity to find Peace and comfort, use that energy for the growth of Ijaw religion instead of causing more griefs to families.
Bodmas kemepadei, coordinator/leader, Order of Egbesu Brotherhood and convener Ijaw unity and peace committee.

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Egbesu Brotherhood condemns cult killings in Bayelsa, calls for peace. - by RobbyBold - 03-16-2019, 08:55 AM

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