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After This Scar Will She Now Let Me Be..
So I had an abusive girlfriend, who abuses me physically and emotionally. On this platform I have been asking people to stay clear of abusive relationship.
I had to move to another city to avoid her. I failed to take my own advise and had to pay with a scar. I let this girl come to my new place last month after many pleas and promises of how she is a changed person.
She wanted to stay long but after three days I saw she hasn't changed but only got worse. I asked her to leave after arguing back and forth she left. I blocked her phone number.
2 days ago she just showed up on my door pleading, I told her there is nothing to plead about because I non dey do again. She can spend the night but leave the next day. Next day she said she can't leave because of no transport fare that I should give her. I non get....
Another argument, she was eating when I told her to be quick because I wan comot and i can't leave her in my house since I won't be returning till Monday.
Before I could raise my head from the phone I was using na black out. The girl don throw the ceramic plate she was eating with at me. I put my hand for where the plate landed and saw blood, I non fit shout I carry my self go pharmacy, treat myself and before I return I non know how she take leave.
I hope say she non go come again....
I don learn my lesson and I hope you too don learn from my story make u for non experience same thing.

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