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Words From The Epie Language Of Yenagoa
This is my Second thread after that pidgin Battle thread that Hit FP. Damn I loved that Thread but this night its not about Pidgin again. Today I'll be trying my Best to save my Maternal Tribe's language called Epie-Attisa. spoken Predominantly in Yenagoa the Capital city of Bayelsa State. And the Fourth major language in Bayelsa After Izon ,Nembe and Ogbia. Epie is an Delta Edoid language normally spoken by The Natives of Yenagoa who have a myth of Migrating from Benin. But that is Changing as most young folks from 30 to 1 year olds can't speak the Language because of the Nativization and Creolization of English and Pidgin especially in the Niger delta. So tonight I'll try my best to preserve this languages by storing its words and Sayings here on Nairaland plus Translations.
In no particular Order.
1 Ômônè : This Child
2 Omo: Child
3 Mêmê: Me
4Wôwô: You
5 Osunu/Ada: Father
6 Onu/Inná: Mother
7 Amin: Water
8 Oko: Canoe
9 Eko: war/ Fight
8 wem: Spirit
9 Wu: Die
10 MèMè Omo Epie: I'm an Epie Person
12 Taa/Gbe: Go
13 Come: Yo
14 Yana: move
15 Yanaamini?: Literally means have you awoken but its used for Good Morning.
16 Biesemini?: Have you darkened .means Good evening.
17 Wô: Aspect marker for present Continues. Eg Mê Yi Wô means am Coming.
18 Mini. Aspect marker for Perfect Tense Eg Mê Yi Mini means I am hear.
19 Ororumu: Rat
20: House: Fam.
Afina: Woman/Wife
Omos: Man/ Husband
Ebugé: Snail
Abalé: Boy
Omofromó: Girl
Fló: Soup.
Edè : River
Alua/Nua: Welcome
Mimì : Fool
Bebelì: Pray
Keke: Play
Iyini: Compound/Town/Quaters.
Sele: Money
Sisèyo: Please
Dilê: Sorry
Diom: Food
Yoñ: Drink
Alagba: Gun

Amamá: Shadow
Amafierema: Promiscuous Person
Animé: My Wife
Anam: Animal
Anamokun: Monkey
Abana: Plantain
Abaga: Shoe.
Ayibaas: Onion
Amiin: Pure water

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