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And as soon as the news of the Nembe triumph over the Royal Niger Company got to the British authority, the British ordered the Nigerian authority to retaliate.
This Was inspite of King Koko's explanation that the problem was with the Royal Niger Company and not with the Queen of England according to Alagoa, 1995.
This is expected because in an era when the European powers were looking for the slightest excuse for the take over of African territories, an attack on the a British company no matter its short comings, was considered a challenge to the imperial might of Britain herself.
The British counter attack was therefore launched on the Nembe metropolis of both Ogbolomabiri, Bassambiri, Okpoama and Brass from February 20th to 24th, 1895.
Inspite of the great military ingenuity and the bravery tactis demonstrated during the period by the Nembe nationalists in all the mentioned towns, the British won, largely because of their superior arsenal..
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