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There is no doubt that Ogbia people in the Ijaw Nation are among the most blessed people in the entire human race and universe.
Ogbia people are like the Jews/Israelites. They are few in terms of population when compared to other bigger tribes and nations, but like the Jews, one Ogbia may be equal to ten, twenty people from elsewhere because of their high level of intelligence, brilliance, resourcefulness, creativity and uniqueness as super humans.
This may sound strange same way, it can attract more envy, jealousy and hatred but it cannot stop us from saying the naked and very obvious truth.
The persecutions, prosecutions, envy, jealousy and hatred against the Jews has never changed their self-worth, esteem or belief system. Rather, it has continued to reawaken and also increase their level of unity and self-consciousness about the presence of their enemies that are looking for every opportunity to destroy them.
For us to move forward as a great and most blessed people, we must always remember the history of where we are coming from. Ogbia Kingdom was one of the kingdoms that helped to promote the European economy during the European Industrial Revolution in the 19th century when they took our very rich Palm Oil to grow the European economy.
With the discovery of crude oil and gas in June, 1956 at Oloibiri-Otabagi, Ogbia fed the whole of Nigeria which is made up of over 250 distinct ethnic groups and tribes. Till this day, Ogbia is still contributing greatly to the crude oil and gas wealth that has made Nigeria one of the highest oil and gas producing countries in the world and among the OPEC nations in particular.
In terms of human resources, Ogbia leaders like Rev. King George Egabu Amangala, Chief (Sen.) Dr. Melford Obiene Okilo CON, Chief Ranami Abah, Captain Amangala, Chief Dangosu, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, Dr. Mrs. Dame Patience Jonathan, King Amalate Turner, Chief Asara A. Asara, Chief R.O.A. Abila, Chief Innocent Igodo Afagha, Chief Paul Sonam Obhuo, Barr. Oronto Natein Douglas, Prof. Humphrey Ogoni, Prof. Teddy Adias, Chief Benson Agadaga, Chief (Rt. Hon.) Claudius Enegesi, Nelson Azibaolonari, Dr. Azibapu Godbless Eruani, Hon. Maxwell Oko, Barr. Azibaola Robert, Chief (Hon.) Robert Enogha, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Peter Niemennam Ikuli, Hon. Mrs. Immaculata Amaseimogha, Chief (Hon.) Augustus Elliot Osomu Esq., High Chief Mitema Obordor and others have contributed immensely to the socio-economic and political development of the Society - globally, nationally and at the state and local levels.
Ogbia as a great Kingdom shall continue to soar higher and higher and no individual or group of individuals can stop her shine. And it is worthy to know that whoever that blesses Ogbia is naturally blessed and whoever that curses Ogbia is naturally cursed.
Now, in the midst of the above, there seems to be a missing link, which is a disconnect between the elders, leaders and the youths which is a very unhealthy development that portends a very grave danger if nothing urgent is done to cushion or curb the above.
Today, there seems to be a leadership vacuum and gap between the elders, leaders and the youths. I mean youths between early 40s and below. There is no clear hope for succession because of the disconnection. The younger generation seems to be stranded. And it is so because most youths are not ready to serve. They are not patient and respectful.
Instead of abusing and criticizing the weaknesses, problems and those things and areas we think our leaders failed, can we begin to devote time to look at the areas of their strength and in the process also learn from some of their mistakes.
We must begin to make deliberate efforts to build synergy with our great leaders. We need to go close to them. We need to make them understand that the interest of Ogbia kingdom is non-negotiable. It goes beyond political party sentiments and differences.
We need to let them understand that we do not have any other place to go, so they need to carry us along and teach us the secrets of political success as revealed by Enai Ogbia that is represented by the most revered OGBIA BROTHERHOOD.
We need to begin a conscious renaissance and reawakening to achieve Ogbia Peace and Unity. Our elders and leaders represent our deities. They are the custodians of our ancient political culture and tradition. We must honour, respect and cherish them.
Ogbia Alua! Ogbia na don!
Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli
Mirror and Conscience of Society.