Full Version: The trade of wisdom is better than the trade of money or silver.
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Prov 3:14 KJV For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.
NET For her benefit is more profitable than silver, and her gain is better than gold.

The Hebrew word used for merchandise, sachar, means an emporium, abstractly, profit (from trade). In BDB: traffic, gain, profit, gain from merchandise, a. traffic, gain from traffic.
The root word is sachar, which means to travel round (specifically as a pedlar). BDB: to go around, go about, travel about in, go about in trade, a. (Qal):
to go about to and fro (in business)
trader, trafficker (participle)

So not only is wisdom better than money, or the profit of wisdom better than the profit of money, or the acquisition of wisdom better than the acquisition of money, but also the trade, traffic or business of wisdom better that the trade, commerce or business of money.

Now let us talk about trade. How do you trade with money to get money? You need money or something in exchange with it to get money. Businessmen invest capital in order to get it back plus profits after some time. People who do not have a capital can borrow. People who are not businessmen exchange their time and effort in exchange for money and we call them laborers or employees.

You also need wisdom to get wisdom. What if I am a beginner and ignorant? Just like employees and laborers have to work hard to get little money, you can also study hard to get wisdom, though little at the beginning. And as you reinvest the little wisdom you have, it will grow just like the five talents of gold becoming ten talents at the hands of the skillful and faithful servant (Mat 25:14-31).