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Medication And Vaccination Schedule For Cockerels
Health management cannot be neglected in the story of successful poultry business. It cuts across medication and vaccination schedule as well as General Disease Prevention . In our previous articles, we discussed medication and vaccination schedules for Broiler, Noiler and Layers. Also, the article - Commercial Cockerel Farming , it explained feed, space requirement for cockerel and handling of roosters. This article will mainly focus on the medication and vaccination schedule for cockerels. Antibiotics, Anticoccidiosis, antiviral (tyloxine based drug) and multivitamin are the required drugs to be considered while cockerels depend mainly on Gumboro and LaSota vaccines.
Below is the vaccination and medication programs for cockerel birds. Be aware that there are certain abrupt conditions which might call for sudden treatment or vaccination of your flock. It is therefore advisable that you always consult an experienced farmer or veterinary doctor during infection outbreak.
Day 1: Multivitamin or Glucose in drinking water to ease transportation stress
Day 2-6: Antibiotics and Multivitamins
Day 7: Multivitamin only
Day 8: Gumboro, clean water in the afternoon.
Day 9: Multivitamin
Day 10-13: Anticoccidiosis
Day 14: Multivitamin
Day 15: Gumboro, clean water
Day 16: Multivitamin, clean water
Day 17-19: Antibiotics
Day 20: Multivitamin only
Day 21: Lasota Vaccine
Day 22-23: Multivitamin
Day 24-26: Tyloxine based drug (antiviral)
Day 27: Multivitamin
Day 28: LaSota, clean water
Day 29: Multivitamin
Day 30: Fowl Pox Vaccine
Day 31: Multivitamin
Day 32-35: Anticoccidiosis
Day 36: Multivitamin
Day 37-46: Clean water only
Day 47: Multivitamin
Day 48: N.D.V (Komorov) Vaccine
Day 49: Multivitamin
Day 50-54: Antiviral
Day 55: Multivitamin
Week 10: Deworming
Routine Medication
1. Anticoccidiosis: Whenever you noticed chocolate brown feaces, confirm from your veterinarian and treat for coccidiosis. Prevention include removal of wet litter, other health management steps.
2. Deworm with Piperazine or Ivermectine frequently, especially if birds are on free range or deep litter system. This could be at interval 8 weeks.
3. Treat with antibiotic only with the advice of a veterinary doctor to minimize drug abuse which could lead to intoxication or liver failure.
* If you are able to give your birds Immucox intra-ocular vaccine for first 5 days, it provides immunity throughout the birds lifetime, so there is no need of administering Anticoccidiosis again.
* This Vaccination program is subjected to change by the recommendation of your consultant or veterinary doctor.
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